SABATON – Camouflage (The Last Stand) (versuri/lyrics)

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SABATON Camouflage lyrics

Versuri (lyrics) melodia: SABATON – Camouflage (The Last Stand)

I was a P.F.C. on a search patrol, huntin’ Charlie down
It was the jungle wars of ’65
My weapon jammed and I got stuck way out and all alone
And I could hear the enemy movin’ in close outside
Just then I heard a twig snap and I grabbed my empty gun
And I dug in scared while I counted down my fate
And then a big marine, with a pair of friendly eyes
Appeared there at my shoulder and said “Wait.”
If Charlie wants to tangle now, he’ll have two to dodge”
I said, “Well, thanks a lot!” I told him my name and asked him his
And he said “The boys just call me Camouflage”

Woah-oh-oh-oh, Camouflage
Things are never quite the way they seem
Woah-oh-oh-oh, Camouflage
I was awfully glad to see this…

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