SABATON – Inmate 4859 (Heroes) (versuri/lyrics)

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SABATON Inmate 4859 lyrics

Versuri (lyrics) melodia: SABATON – Inmate 4859 (Heroes)

The dawn of century, a boy born by a lake
Resettled from Karelia’s plains
Grown to a man in exile as the great war came
Unleashed it’s shadow on his world

Oh, no
Oh, no
Who knows his name?

Inmate in hell or a hero imprisoned?
Soldier in Auschwitz, who knows his name?
Locked in a cell, waging war from the prison
Hiding in Auschwitz, who hides behind 4859?

Outside help never came, decided to break free
The end of april -43,
Join the uprising, fight on the streets while hiding his rank
Takes command all while serving his country in need.

Sent to a prison, where the heroes are judged as traitors
Accused of treason by his own
Sentenced by countrymen under pressure of foreign influence
Men he once fought to free

Oh, no
Oh, no

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