SABATON – White Death (Coat of Arms) (versuri/lyrics)

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SABATON White Death lyrics


Versuri (lyrics) melodia: SABATON – White Death (Coat of Arms)

Almost night, a crimson horizon
Painting thousand lakes red
As your army approach in the east
A hunter is switching his prey

All alone, a man with his gun
Wanders into the wild
Track you down, you can’t hide
Once he’s on to your trail

Into the night, a flash in the darkness
White Death is heading your way
The fear of his foes, a hero at home
Hundreds will fall by his gun

You’re in the snipers sight
the first kill tonight
Time to die
You’re in the bullets way
The White Death’s prey
Say goodbye!

After the dawn, when morning is broken
Snow once white turn to red
Hundred soldiers, we have them on sight
A tale of a sniper is born

Snow in mouth, hiding his breath
He is steady at hand

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