SABATON – Aces in Exile (Coat of Arms) (versuri/lyrics)

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SABATON Aces in Exile lyrics

Versuri (lyrics) melodia: SABATON – Aces in Exile (Coat of Arms)

In the skies above the isle
Aces In Exile prevail!

From near and far they arrived join the force
Ready to serve the Allied command
Sent in the training, though they already earned their wings
They were ready to fly they were fit for the fight
Once in the air the battle began
They had proven their worth now they fight for revenge

Fighter pilots in exile fly for foreign land
Let the story be heard tell of 303
Fighter pilots of Poland in the battle of Britain
Guarding the skies of the isle

Even at night shadows cover the ground
Fighting goes on from dusk till dawn
We fall on the Reich with the claws of the eagle!
They were Ready to fight, they were ready to die
Up in the air, the…

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