SABATON – Hellrider (Metalizer) (versuri/lyrics)

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SABATON Hellrider lyrics

Versuri (lyrics) melodia: SABATON – Hellrider (Metalizer)

Engines are running our blood burns like oil. Head one by
One down the highway
Tires are screaming leave trails on the road, the sirens of
Death coming our way

We’ll always be one step ahead, we’ll not fall back

Pedal to metal rock hard and ride free, the philosophy of a
Don’t use the brakes ride on faster instead, adrenaline
Taking you higher

Fall back in line or stand away, we like it fast

Into hell we ride fast as lightning, enter the darkness
The weak ones will pay
Ride through fire cause revolution, this is a hellrider’s way

Crushing the traitors to no man we kneel, the power is at
Our command
Nothing can stop us it’s head over heel, united together
We stand

If it’s to hard then you’re too weak, you’re in our way


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